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In 2000 there were an estimated 2.4m main phone lines, covering up to 22.6% of the population.

The relation between Serbia and Internet is still under development, since it was first introduced to the people in 1997. The largest provider is EUnet. At the beginning of 1999 there used to be more than 30 Internet providers in Yugoslavia at about 60 locations, of which about 25% were in Belgrade. In 2002 Internet users were estimated to be about 800,000.

Over a half of the population in Serbia (55 percent) uses computers, while approximately 300,000 citizens uses the Internet daily, shows the survey conducted by the Serbian Telecom and Centre for Free Elections and Democracy CESID. Concerning Internet usage other surveys show lower percentages (WorldBank: 21.9%, InternetWorldStats.com: 28,5%)

In 35% of the households in Serbia, at least one member uses the Internet, which amounts to about one million people or 13.3 percent of the total population of Serbia, without Kosovo, showed the CESID survey. Srecko Milanovic, the Head of CESID Research Team, said that about 52 percent of all internet users in Serbia are younger than 25, while only four percent of the citizens older than 50 years of age use the internet. In his words, the main reason to use the Internet is to search for information or electronic mail communication (84 percent of users). Among the citizens that don't use the Internet, 53 percent said that they are not interested in it, while approximately 20 percent said they can't surf because they don't own a PC, said Mihajlovic. The survey was conducted between November 23 and November 29 2005, on a sample of 3,210 citizens.

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