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[19/02/2007-20/02/2007] "Train-the-SMEs seminar" in Bulgaria
The first training seminar for SME’s in Bulgaria within the framework of the ELISA Project took place in the Bulgarian-Korean Telecenter in Sofia on the 19th and 20th of February 2007. The seminar was organized by the Bulgarian partners of the project – State Agency for IT and Communications (www.daits.government.bg) and IST Foundation (www.ist.bg)....
[12/02/2007-15/02/2007] SME training seminar in Belgrade
A training seminar for SMEs was held in Belgrade, 12-15 of February, within the ELISA project. The seminar was attended by a solid number of enterprises, also brought interest of the Institute for employment. A good cooperation has been established with a possibility of intensifying the contacts in the future....
[08/02/2007] Teleseminar for tutors in FYROM [Project Meetings]
[12/12/2006] Teleseminar for tutors in Albania [Project Meetings]
[28/11/2006] Mid-Review Meeting [Project Meetings]
[12/11/2006] Teleseminar for tutors in Bulgaria [Project Meetings]
[20/10/2006] Presence of Elisa at the Euregia Exhibition and 2nd Annual CADSES Conference [Project Meetings]
[11/07/2006] Teleseminar for tutors in Serbia [Project Meetings]
[22/05/2006] Technical meeting WP2-WP4
[15/03/2006] Lead Partner Seminar
[05/03/2006] Technical meeting for the beneficiary countries
Some of the issues to be discussed in this meeting are the following:
  • Round table- Overview of what has been accomplished recently in the beneficiary countries
  • Discussion on the SME selection procedure
  • IH: presentation of the completed actions on WP2 and WP3
[01/12/2005] Technical meeting, WP2-WP3
Baseline the work in WP2 and WP3, Elaborate the selected material and decide upon the content structure, Overview advantages and disadvantages of the various e-learning platforms proposed....
[24/10/2005] Kick-off Meeting

Introduction of the consortium members and their objectives with respect to ELISA.

[13/10/2005] Technical meeting with the beneficiary country partners

An informal meeting took place at GRNET premises between the ELISA partners GRNET, INIMA, MARNET, AMREJ, ISTF and ICTDA.

[22/06/2005] Lead Partner Seminar
This event was organised by the CADSES Joint Technical Secretariat and the Managing Authority and was addressed to the Lead Partners of the projects approved under the 3rd Call for project proposals. The seminar provided participants with information about the following topics:
  • General Project Management
  • Financial Issues
  • Information and publicity
  • Payment system
  • Reporting system
  • Project Implementation
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