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 WP4: Training the tutors and SMEs
Project Manager [Virginia Alizioti]
1   Activity 4.1 Select SMEs
2   Activity 4.2 Train the Tutors
3   Activity 4.3 Train the SMEs (Pilot action)
4   Activity 4.4 Evaluate the training process
Activity 4.1 Select SMEs  [Virginia Alizioti]
This activity consists in the following tasks:
  • Define parameters for selecting SMEs
  • Issue call for SMEs to apply for participation
  • Evaluate SMEs and select participants
The emphasis will be given to SMEs from rural and distant areas.
Jan 06 - Mar 06
D4a:     Selection Criteria Report
D4b:    List of selected SMEs
Activity 4.2 Train the Tutors   [Virginia Alizioti]
The "Training the Tutors" seminar will have a duration of 20 hours and consists of:
  1. the training package of activity 3.1
  2. Didactic guidelines
  3. The functionality of the e-learning tool The training material will be undertaken by selected experts coming from the GoOnline initiative in Greece and professors from Freie Universitat Berlin. Those experts will deliver teaching classes through the academic high-speed network SEREEN/GEANT. Managers and other personnel from the local partners will be present during the whole exercise in each country. The 4-day seminars will take place in parallel at the 4 countries, in the tele-classes that exist as an infrastructure inside the 4 National Research and Education Networks- (PP 6, 8, 10, 12). The experts will teach from Berlin and Athens using broadcasting and interactive technologies.
Activities breakdown
  1. Selection of professors (VA, NA, NH)
    • Establishment of Criteria
    • Selection procedure (Athens and Berlin)
  2. Selection of tutors (VA, SMENs, NRENs)
    • Establishment of criteria
    • Establishment of an examination test (translation of the GOONLINE test?)
    • Selection of tutors (3 from every SMEN and NREN= 6 per country= total 24)
  3. Get the infrastructure ready (CA, NRENs)
    • Set requirements of the tele-classes (CA)
    • Check fulfilment of requirements (NRENs)
    • Number of tests one week before the actual training (NRENs)
  4. Actual training (4 days= 20 hours seminar)
    • Set dates for each country (NRENs)
    • Perform the training
Jul 06 - Oct 06
24 Certificates for the 24 tutors (6 per country)
D14:   "Train the Tutors" Seminar- Albania  
Activity 4.3 Train the SMEs (Pilot action)  [Virginia Alizioti]
Description (as in AF)
Each Tutor will be responsible for the entire training session delivered to an enterprise. This task aims to develop the skills of 120 SMEs from the beneficiary countries in using the Internet and e-business practices in their daily operations. The training of the SMEs will include 2 sessions x 5 hours in the tele-education rooms inside the NRENs, the provision of informational and training material and finally testing and certification. The "Training the SMEs" seminar will have duration of 10 hours The training material will be undertaken by the trained tutors who will deliver face to face. Managers and Personnel from the local partners will be present during the whole exercise in each country.
Oct 06 - Feb 07
120 certificates for the trained SMEs (30 per country)
D16:   Training the SMEs report  
Activity 4.4 Evaluate the training process  [Hatzakis Ilias]
Includes the creation of questionnaires for the evaluation of the training process, data collection from all participating SMEs, data process and the final report.
Feb 07 - Apr 07
D17:   Training process evaluation Report  

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