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 WP5: Dissemination actions
Project Manager [Dimitra Kotsokali]
1   Activity 5.1 Web Portal
2   Activity 5.2 Dissemination seminars for SMEs
3   Activity 5.3 Communicate ELISA results
4   Activity 5.4 Open International Seminar
Activity 5.1 Web Portal [Dimitra Kotsokali]
A web portal will be created and maintained to act as:
A cooperation tool between partners.
A point of information for participating SMEs.
A dissemination tool of the project.
A gate to the ELISA e-Learning platform and the ELISA training material. The web site will provide an multilingual interactive environment for the user through the multimedia on-line training material that will be uploaded. The activity includes web design, web development, translation, maintenance, daily content management.
Activity breakdown
  1. Establishment of the website (IH, DK, VG, Atlantis)- January 2005, Different spaces:
    • partner space,
    • SMEs space,
    • Open public space,
    • e-learning space
    • Country-specific spaces?
  2. Integration of the e-learning platform (DD, Atlantis, IH, GZ)- July 2005
  3. Translation of the website content from English to 7 languages (DD)- July 2005
  4. Daily content management (DK, VG, IH, Atlantis, All)
Jan 06 - Dec 07
D2:   Final Report  
Activity 5.2 Dissemination seminars for SMEs [Walter Mauritsch]
In each beneficiary country, 2 seminars will take place; one in the capital and one in a rural area. At least 80-120 SMEs will participate in each seminar. The whole training process will be explicitly presented, key e-business issues will be analysed by e-business experts and e- business survival kits in the local language will be distributed.
Activities breakdown
  1. Selection of the second town in each country (we already have Nis, Plovdiv) (SMENs)
  2. Selection of dates for each country (SMENs)
  3. Dissemination of the event to the local SMEs (BW, WM, DK, SMENs)
  4. Common Agenda establishment (All)
  5. Organization of the 8 events (BW, WM, DK, SMENs (local hosts)),
  6. Materialization of the 8 events (BW, WM, DK, SMENs (local hosts))
Jul 07 - Oct 07
D18a-h: 8 Dissemination Seminars
Activity 5.3 Communicate ELISA results [Dimitra Kotsokali]
Description (as in AF)
Other dissemination activities include:
Distribution of the project results to partners of other networks and projects.
Press releases
Constantly activated project presentation
Investigation of additional funding sources
Production of news and integration in international newsletters
Taking care of the web presence of the project

These activities include a large dissemination printed and electronic package: Leaflets, brochures and posters to be used for the presentation of the project ideas in the first phase of the project and results in the last phase of the project at major conferences and events.
Jan 06 - Dec 07
D21:   ELISA communication package  
Activity 5.4 Open International Seminar  [Bruno Woeran]
An open international seminar will be organized to promote the overall project's results. Policy makers on the ICT field from all member and non-members countries will be invited. The seminar will include videos from the pilot training implementation. Special emphasis is given to the national level ICT training strategies.
Oct 07
D20:   One International Seminar in Austria - Wien  

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