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 WP6: ICT Training Strategies
Project Manager [Bruno Woeran]
1   Activity 6.1 National-level ICT training strategy reports
2   Activity 6.2 Policy Maker Workshops
Activity 6.1 National-level ICT training strategy reports [Bruno Woeran]
Description (as in AF)
The creation of 4 National Level Training Strategy Reports will be based on:
the e-Europe 2005 recommendations
Best practices in Europe as selected by DG Enterprise, eBSN, e-business watch etc.
the existing national initiatives concerning SMEs and digital economy
local business mentality
local structure of business organizations and representatives
Activity breakdown
  1. identification of national representatives and consolidation of reporting tasks, time lines and activities
  2. - preparation of templates for the four individual national training strategy reports under consideration of:
    • inclusion of recommendations for e-Europe 2005,
    • national SME initiatives and digital economy,
    • local business mentality and structure,
  3. adaptation of national reports to joint policy document for recommendations
  4. sub-deliverable: national-level ICT training strategy report
Jan 06 - Dec 06
D15a-d: 4 National-level ICT training strategy reports
Activity 6.2 Policy Maker Workshops [Katerina Papakonstantinou]
4 workshops (round tables) will take place at national level in order to inform and sensitize key persons of the local administration about the importance of ICT usage in the business sector. Key experts from at least 2 Ministries and 3 SME organizations will attend the workshops together with the WP responsible, the local partners and at least 2 tutors and 2 SMEs that participated in the training process. The workshops will include presentation of the National Training Strategy Report and the overall conclusions from the whole training process and evaluation.
Activities breakdown
Actions to uptake:
  1. Selection of the Key experts from at least 2 Ministries and 3 SME organizations for each countty (SMENs)
  2. Establishment of the agenda (KP, IH)
  3. Organization of the event (KP)
  4. Materialisation of the event (local hosts, KP, IH, BW)
The workshops will take place in each country at the same time as the SME seminars.
Apr 07 - Jul 07
D18a:   Policy Maker Workshop in Bulgaria -Sofia  
D18b:   Policy Maker Workshop in Servia and Montenegro - Belgrade  
D18c:   Policy Maker Workshop in Albania - Tirana  
D18d:   Policy Maker Workshop in FYR of Macedonia - Skopje  

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