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title_01 Ngjarjet
orangearrow [16/06/2008] Dissemination seminar in Albania 2 - Gyrokastra
orangearrow [10/06/2008] Elisa Final Conference in Wien
The Final conference of the Elisa project will take place in Vienna....
orangearrow [04/06/2008] Dissemination Seminar in FYR of Macedonia - Bitola
orangearrow [11/04/2008] e-Business strategy policy maker workshop in Skopje
orangearrow [01/04/2008] Dissemination event in Tirana
The  dissemination event  in Albania within the framework of the ELISA Project took place in Tirana on the 1st of April 2008....
orangearrow [01/04/2008] Policy Workshop on eScience and eBusiness in Albania

Current European initiatives in eInfrastructures strive to provide a pan-European networking and computing&storage (Grid) infrastructure, in order to enable world-class research and scientific collaborations throughout Europe, referred to as eScience. SEE-GRID-2 project has facilitated the establishment of a Grid infrastructure in Albania, integrated with wider regional South-East European Grid infrastructure, and open to local researchers for scientific computations. The first part of this high-level policy work...

orangearrow [04/02/2008-05/02/2008] e-Business Training for SMEs in Skopje

The pilot group delivery of the” e-Business Training  for SMEs” within the framework of the ELISA Project took place Skopje on the 4th and 5th of February 2008. The seminar was organized by MARNet  and ...

orangearrow [29/11/2007] Dissemination event in Serbia - Belgrade
orangearrow [23/11/2007] Policy Makers Workshop in Belgrade
orangearrow [12/10/2007] e-business - key factor for the growth of a competitive SME sector
The second dissemination event in Bulgaria "e-business - key factor for the growth of a competitive SME sector" took place in Sofia...
orangearrow [11/10/2007] Policy Makers event- Round table - Sofia
The first policy-maker event  in  Bulgaria within the framework of the ELISA Project will take place in Sofia  on the 11th of October 2007...
orangearrow [28/09/2007-29/09/2007] Policy Makers Workshop in Skopje
orangearrow [11/05/2007] 2nd dissemination event- Bulgaria - Plovdiv

The First ELISA dissemination event for Bulgaria took place in Plovdiv, within the framework of the INTERNATIONAL CONSUMER GOODS AND TECHNOLOGIES FAIR, International Fair Plovdiv. 

The event succeeded covering topics on e-Commerce, e-Optimization and Search...

orangearrow [19/04/2007] 1st dissemination event - Serbia - Palic
The first dissemination event  in Serbia within the framework of the ELISA Project took place in Palic  on the 19th of April 2007. The event was held in the context of the 7-th Conference on electronic commerce and electronic business E-trgovina 2007 - the largest regional event in this field.

The event " Easing the Digital Divide at the South Eastern Europe Area: Workshop on Electronic Customer Relationship Management e-CRM" covered topics on eCRM by three specialists on the specific field.  90 participants from various fie...
orangearrow [04/04/2007-05/04/2007] "Train the SMEs Seminar" in Albania
The  training seminar for SME’s in Albania within the framework of the ELISA Project took place in Tirana on the 4th and 5th of April 2007. The seminar was organized by the Albanian partners of the project – INIMA  and ALBINVEST ....
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