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 Work Breakdown Structure
In the following page you will find the project's work breakdown structure.

Work-package No Workpackage title Lead contractor No Start month End month Deliverable No
WP1 Project administrative and technical management GRNET 10/05 12/07 D1, D7a-d, D22
WP2 E-learning platform FUB 11/05 09/07 D3, D5, D6, D10a-d, D13a-b
WP3 Training content UOM 12/05 06/06 D8, D9, D11, D12
WP4 Training the tutors and SMEs GRNET 01/06 03/07 D4a-b, D14, D16, D17
WP5 Dissemination actions GRNET 10/05 12/07 D2, D19a-h, D20, D21
WP6 ICT Training Strategies DANUBE 01/06 07/07 D15a-d, D18a-d

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